Spruce Up Your Flower Bed

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Are you looking to plant some beautiful flowers this year to spruce up the decor or your yard or home? Well look no further for some tips on doing so, and some things you might gain for your home that you didn’t even realize. The first key here is to decide what kind of yard you have. Do you have a yard that receives sunlight all day long? 

Or do you perhaps have a yard that has an abundant amount of shade from some mature trees or something similar, casting its shadow?? These two environments may seem similar to us, the people living there, but to local foliage, this difference is the key to letting some flowers bloom beautifully or finding them wounded and wilted.

There are some yards that have some of both of these environments, some daytime sunlight, but evening shade. And this is very common, you can often find plants that need 5-6 hours of daylight but can deal with the shade in the evening and still come in full and healthy. A popular plant in the Indiana region, specifically Indianapolis and Noblesville areas, they tend to have a mild summer for blooming, and not too crazy winter to allow the plant to continue to prosper.

To note however, roses do not always take the shape of a traditional flower, but they instead grow in the form of a bush or small tree. One can then pluck the roses from the tree as they see fit for using inside, or they can continue to let them grow and prosper outdoors. The majority of roses fall into the category of a plant that needs quite a bit of sunshine during the heat of the day, but in the evenings they can deal with shade if it is all they have available. So make sure you really get a good feel for your yard before you decide on a rose bush.

Local ground cover plants can be found in the central Indiana area as well, and they tend to do a great job of prospering in the shady environment that the Indianapolis area land can often grace you with.

Central Indiana often lends itself to a great environment for growing different varieties of plants. But do not try and do too much your first year, get yourself comfortable. It is often a good idea if you are just starting on a flower garden that you start with plants that fit your yard perfectly.

As in, don’t start with plants you aren’t sure of how they will do in your yard. If you observe lots of sunshine, stick to those plants that require lots of sunshine, and if your yard has shade, then by all means start with shade plants. Get a good grasp of what it takes to get any plant started and then start to work your way into some areas that make you a little less sure of how the plant will react.

The whole idea here is to not overwhelm yourself when you are just getting started, take it slow and ease yourself into the green thumb you’re looking for.

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