Mother’s Day Flower Ideas

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Another year, another time to honor all that our Mother’s do for us on their own special holiday!

So just like everyone else, you’re going to get your mom a high-tech security system with all the bells and whistles, because that’s what all moms like, right?

I know I’m not the only one that knows that flowers are the absolute “go-to” when it comes to giving a great mother’s day gift, and we’re going to outline a couple of ways you can really help your floral arrangement stand out in the eyes of your mom!

Follow these three steps, and you’ll be sure to give a great Mother’s Day gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mother’s heart, and has the ability to “grow” with her throughout the years as well!

1 Lose the Vase

Traditionally, it’s a very nice gesture to give flowers and present them in a beautiful vase so that they may stay hydrated and also stand alone on display as a centerpiece or on a coffee table.  This year, ditch the vase and get creative!  At the very least, head over to the garden center of your local Menard’s or Hobby Lobby and find a cool porcelain planter for a few bucks, or get creative and make something cool out of an old skid–the possibilities are endless!

2 Add the edibles

Flowers are great, and they’re bound to win mom over–but why stop there?  Add something edible for mom to enjoy to appease the taste buds!  Find creative ways to incorporate your mother’s favorite snacks and candies into the arrangement to add an extra element of care, and love.

3 Build your own adventure

In all, the main point is to build this thing out yourself–don’t just buy some pre-made hanging basket or potted plant–they’re so typical!  They were made with guidelines in mind that were set by the head of a department thinking numbers, not by a thoughtful son/daughter trying to build the perfect gift for their mother on this special holiday!

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