Design a Fresh Landscape This Summer

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Does your landscaping need spruced up or perhaps even a complete overhaul this spring? Here are some tips for planning a landscape that will make your neighbors jealous and keep your work to a minimum.

1. Use a weed barrier paper for landscaping

Laying down a layer of weed barrier paper will help choke out the weeds that want to pop up and overtake your flower beds.

2. Don’t skimp on the mulch

Using plenty of mulch (3-4″) will not only keep your flower beds looking nice and fresh, but it will also help control the weeds.

3. Plant a ground cover

Selecting a plant that will grow quickly and fill in the bare spots in your flower bed is another way to reduce weeds, which in turn reduces the time you spend tending your landscaping. The only drawback to a ground cover is that it can be difficult to keep them from taking over your flower beds. It will take some work and attention to keep the ground cover under control.

4. Plant mostly perennials

There are 2 main kinds of plants used in landscaping: annuals and perennials. Biennials come back each spring without needing to be re-planted. Some popular biennials are irises, lilies, daffodils, tulips, and hostas. These plants readily available at your local nursery.

5. Plant annuals in pots

While you will want to use fewer annuals than perennials into your landscaping, the annuals certainly should not be forgotten. An easy way to manage annuals that die off each winter is to plant them in pots. Pots can easily be moved from one flower bed to another, and they are another good way to fill in gaps in your flower beds. A pot can also add a nice pop of color or texture to your landscaping. Some lovely annuals include geraniums, daisies, phlox, and cosmos.

6. Keep all the seasons in mind

While shopping for your plants at your local nursery, be sure to find out when they bloom. You want to be sure to choose plants that will bloom during a variety of seasons. Some flowers bloom in early spring, such as daffodils and tulips while others bloom all summer and into the fall. There are also a few flowers, such as mums, that bloom during late summer and early fall. Incorporating plants that bloom during different seasons will keep your landscaping looking nice all year.

Now you are ready to start your landscaping project! There are plenty of landscaping companies in Indianapolis where I’m at which allows me to execute the ideas I’ve shared here.  Head out to your nearest plant nursery, and enjoy selecting the plants for your new landscaping project.

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